Midweek link drop 9.26.12

Ok, so this is a particularly exciting Wednesday. It’s the season premiere of Modern Family. While you wait to find out what’s going on with Gloria and Jay’s baby, check these links. A little help passing the time until you can enjoy the laughs of the Emmy’s favorite sitcom.

Jezebel provides, “What you need to know about the groundbreaking new breast cancer study“.

Avocado ice cream. Yum.

What does your state do worst infographic. Massachusetts is verified as having the worst drivers, but Ohio is the nerdiest state? Is that true? Don’t they play a lot of football there? And Utah has the most porn usage. Long silence.

Also from Jezebel: “in other news, Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know that he didn’t think you sounded that drunk in the email you wrote to your hot TA back in 2007. But that you should probably stop looking at his profile pics 5 times a week.” Read the rest of the article here.

How Portland-y are Portland institutions? Why is going to a PDX strip club more fun than going to one in most other areas of the country? How delicious are doughnuts? This article from the Portland Mercury by comedian Ian Karmel explains it all.

Kim McDevitt, of The Loud and Clear, has posted another informative and helpful post for those of us who appreciate advice when navigating the produce section. This week, Kim enlightens readers to “what’s a GMO and why should I care?

If you were born before 1988, then you probably remember Geocities, you one stop shop for fan pages and create-your-own-websites. The bright colors and non-ironic gifts were one of the introductions to the internet world for masses of high schoolers in the nineties. Click here to “Geocities” your facebook profile. It’s a time machine back to 1999!

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