Know this guy: Justin Leveille, Managing Editor at is excited to announce the promotion of Justin Thomas Moulthrop Leveille from humble intern to Managing Editor. Also known as Stan, Young Mountain Baby, J Money the Mountain Man, Weekend Warrior, Terry Dactyl, Mr. Anonymous, Hansu Weith and Tech, Justin brings a solid six months of editorial experience to the team, as well as impeccable rap skills.” Turns out, all of this information is true.  In an effort to get an exclusive look into the life of a man with many names, I took an afternoon to ask Justin some serious life altering questions. Barbara Walters, you can interview him next. Don’t worry.

Marsha Hovey: So Justin, otherwise known as Stan, how’s your day going?

Justin Leveille: My day is going great, trolling the internet and drawing pictures of kangaroos.

Of course. Sounds like a pretty standard morning for you. Where did all of your creative doodling skills come from anyway?

I’ve been messing around with graphic design forever, but I was always kind of bummed on the fact that I couldn’t draw the images that I had in my head. Finally I took a class in college called “drawing and painting botanicals” and the teacher was ruthless. Basically the goal was to draw and paint flowers as realistically as possible. Shit was intense but it whipped my drawing game into shape.

Good to hear that higher education isn’t a total crapshoot! You were a Vermont college kid, correct?

UVM baby. My Vermont love is endless. I try and get back there as much as possible but it’s definitely hard, being on the other end of the country and all.

How did you manage to get so far away from the East?

Vermont job scene wasn’t giving me any love. I got an Americorp job basically playing soccer with African refugees but Americorp pays dirt, plus all my friends were leaving. Portland was the spot because a Mount Hood Meadows pass was like $370. So, I basically packed up and moved here with just a seasons pass and found a place to live on the way. On my drive out, a buddy of mine in SLC, Tom Haraden, told me I should talk to Brooke at Yobeat because I really had no plans for my life in Portland outside of snowboarding.

True snowboard bum status. I think we can all relate. So the rest is history right?

I guess so. It definitely wasn’t immediate. For a while I was just interning for Yobeat, writing and drawing here and there. My main source of income was from a job I landed at the best sandwich store ever, Double Dragon. When not crafting sandwiches I was shredding Hood as much as possible. Best winter yet.

Mmm, Portland food. So, now that you’ve enjoyed both summer and winter on Hood, what’s your preference?

Winter hands down. Hate to say it, but I kind of hate Mount Hood in the summer. The scene is too cool. I don’t think I rode one day this summer without getting yelled at by someone. I’m grateful that I get to ride in the summer, but mobbing powdery cliff zones in the middle of march at Hood is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Hey, you don’t gotta tell me twice. In fact, your level of hate is probably a requirement of your job at Yobeat. Can you tell us a little about your new role?

My official title is Managing Editor/Toeside Terrors/Quality Control/Rapper. Which pretty much sums it up. A normal day might include dressing in costumes, painting my face, rap battling with Brooke, and then going to mandatory board meetings on the chairlift. I take care of a lot of the day-to-day posting as well as continually working on new content. There are definitely not business hours at Yobeat though, which just goes with the territory when doing “creative” work or whatever. We all chill a lot, and wherever we are, the mountain, the bar, the movies, we are always scheming. Yobeat is a small business so everybody kinda has their hands in everybody’s work, but you can be on the look out for newer, better Toeside Terrors comics, and a couple new video series’ that I hope the people will be stoked on.

I’m definitely stoked, as I’m sure many others are. How does it feel to be such a public face on a major snowboarding site?

It’s definitely a trip. I was super bugged out the first time I was at Hood with goggles and a face mask on and some one in the lift line was like, “hey, I’ve seen you on the internet.” Honestly, I love when people get stoked about it because people certainly aren’t stoked about it in the comments section. Haha. I think the important question would be for our filmer, RC, and that is, “how much does it suck to have to stare at this kids face so much?”

That could be a good follow up interview. We’ll look into it. Speaking of the comments section. Yobeat can get pretty harsh. Does the negativity get to you?

Every now and then one will really get to me, but in general I think they are pretty funny, and if it is well spoken hate, I usually up-vote it. I’m having fun though and I try to not gauge my success on what anonymous teenagers on the internet are saying about me. The people that talk to me in person make up for all the ridiculous shit that gets said. Unless of course the same people hating on the internet are the same ones complimenting me in person. Whoa. Never thought of that.

I wouldn’t worry about that, but I think you did just find some trippy content for a future rap song.

I’ll add it to the list for sure. I’ll drop it after the Zeach Anthem.

Keep ’em coming. For all your loyal fans out there, do you have any shout outs, words of wisdom, general anecdotes to get us through the week?

Shout out to the RatDogs, wherever you be at. The family and Mama Brooke. Shout out to Nathan. As for words of wisdom? Breath deep, seek peace. I live by it. That or JAH NO DEAD.

With that being said, let’s all praise Jah, visit, and thank Justin and the crew for all their hard work. There are definitely more good things to come from this guy. You heard it here.

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Thursdays at the Office: Justin’s First Day from YoBeat on Vimeo.

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