Killington’s Rails 2 Riches via an iphone

photo 1(2)

7am the event is set up under gray, New England skies.

p: Dan Hartman

No matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at the East Coast during November and December, Killington’s annual rail event, Rails 2 Riches has unofficially kicked off winter in New England for years. Notably, because it also kicks off the bank accounts of a few lucky winners, who take home giant checks to the tune of four thousand dollars each. Even if the weather decides to take a Northeast turn and spit rain and dreary fog, Rails 2 Riches is an event with a lot of energetic riding, and at any rate, if it’s crummy once it gets dark and finals commence, there’s always room around the bonfires that the Killington crew digs into the snow outside the baselodge.

If you missed the competition on Saturday, check SnowboarderMag for full recap and photos. Below, enjoy a few iphone shots to really feel like you were there at Killington Saturday.

photo 2

Registration begins early. Rails 2 Riches is an all day event, with rounds of qualifiers going on during the day and the finals once the sun has set.

photo 1(1)

One of the nice things about Rails 2 Riches is that because of the length of the event, there’s lots of time for attendees to ride together, hang out, and enjoy a bit of a reunion.

photo 3(2)

Competitors hang out between heats.

photo 1

Night falls and the crowd gathers. The East Coast turns out to supports its riders as they pursue the podium and the spoils of the giant checks.

photo 3

The course this year was creative: flat down, slight elbow rail; down-flat-down tube; and close-out to down tube.

photo 4

The judges, deciding who’s going to buy their friends drinks with prize money post-contest

photo 3(1)

The Mens’ Winners: Riley Nickerson in first, Luke Haddock in second, and Yale Cousino in third.

photo 2(2)

No Killington event would be complete without a raucous afterparty. This year’s was at Jax, the bar/game center, where you can take shots and play tons of air hockey and other games.

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